Real Estate

Specialised Real Estate Advice

Valliance has extensive knowledge of each of the markets in which it is present, offering specialised services in the different areas of the sector: office buildings, profitable residential properties or for renovation, logistics warehouses, shopping centres, retail premises, hotels, land or alternative assets.

Valliance offers a personalised service from senior professionals with a great deal experience in the real estate sector.


Market analysis and research. Deal origination and search for opportunities, with access to investors around the world through our global office network. Search for co-investors. Due Diligence. Negotiation.


Market analysis and research. Advice and strategic planning. Structuring and execution of sale. Sale & leaseback and forward funding transactions. Timeline definition. Marketing of the process. Negotiation.


Design of strategies that fit the characteristics of the property. Minimisation of the time to sale or rent. Intensive commercial action.

Due Diligence Reports

Conducting an exhaustive study of the properties associated with a transaction. Generation of detailed report.

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