Valliance launches a new Asset Management service for comprehensive real estate asset management

Valliance, real estate advisor and capital markets company, today presented a new service for the comprehensive real estate asset management. With it, Valliance will offer its clients the execution and monitoring of all the tasks related to the real estate, technical and financial management, as well as any other necessary service for the property operation and maximization of its market value.

On the other hand, in order to prevent the clients from worrying about the daily management of their assets and be informed at all times, this service is complemented by customized attention through a single interlocutor, supported by a team of specialists.

With the launch of this service, Valliance goes a step further and adds value to its operations. With its development, the advisor seeks to maximize the value of its clients’ real estate portfolio, as well as to define in a more effective manner a real estate strategy that allows them to benefit from the situation of the real estate market at all times. In addition, Valliance advises its clients to optimize their assets’ efficiency and expenses.

Valliance currently manages real estate assets owned by financial institutions, provides Property & Asset Management services for more than 300 hotel units, a parking lot and a shopping centre.

In the words of Ms. Belén Díaz, general director of Valliance “client satisfaction is the core of our activity. As a result of this, we have launched this service, with which we consolidate our commitment to understand and anticipate our clients’ needs, offering them the best solutions in a comprehensive and comfortable manner, with the same confidentiality and transparency we have always worked with”.

About Valliance: Valliance is a real estate advisor that offers a range of advisory, management and transactional services. Valliance is formed by a team with extensive experience and professional qualification in real estate asset management, as well as advice on real estate investment and divestment.