Silvia Bermejo


Silvia Bermejo

Asset & Property Manager – T: +34 690 99 27 74

Silvia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Universidad de Salamanca and Coimbra, and a postgraduate degree in European Law.

With over 8 years of professional experience, Silvia has developed her professional career over the years working in large companies such as ACE European Group, in charge of the most international department therein, due to her command of several languages. Later, she moved to Munich to join the multinational H&M, working in the Management department of ​​the most important subsidiary in Germany.

Afterwards, she joined the ​​international relations department of Universidad de Salamanca and the Town Council, being responsible for the relations of foreign students with the town council.

Over the last two years, she developed her professional career in the retail sector, working at the real estate consulting firm CBRE as Head of Specialty Leasing, in one of the largest shopping centers that CBRE manages in Spain.


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Silvia Bermejo

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