Each of us plays a relevant role in the generation of ideas and new ways of making things that contribute to the improvement, growth and efficiency of our organization.

We want to be leaders in the markets we operate in, so we commit ourselves with passion, energy and skill.

We approach the problems with a practical attitude, providing adequate solutions.


Integrity and Professional Ethics

We manage our business in a responsible manner, with integrity, honesty and respect.

We serve the interests of our clients, ensuring in all our actions a strictly professional treatment and the utmost respect for the confidentiality required.
We adhere to the highest standards of professional ethics.


We Develop Our Teams’ Potential

We promote an open company culture, based on mutual support between colleagues and recognition of the dedication and commitment of all of us who form the organization.

We help our professionals stand out, by offering them relevant training and investing in their professional development.
We share success and reward achievements.
We firmly believe that the combination of the diverse strengths of our professionals together with good teamwork produces the best results.


Belén Díaz

Managing Director Partner

Aurelio García

Aurelio García

Senior Consultant

Silvia Bermejo

Asset & Property Manager

Carmen Suárez-Saro



We provide our clients with tailor-made service in transactions involving different types of real estate assets.

Property management

We offer comprehensive real estate management service seeking to maximize the value of the properties.


Our services include feasibility studies, property analysis and market analysis.