Bankia confides in Valliance for its asset management

Bankia has appointed Valliance to manage some of its assets.

As a provider of tailored real estate consultancy solutions, Valliance offers a wide range of advisory, management and transactional services. It also has extensive experience and professional qualification in the management of real estate assets, as well as advice on investment and real estate divestment.

Valliance’s challenge was to identify the situation in which each of these assets was. It was not an easy task at all due to their complexity and uniqueness, since they were foreclosed assets and thus there was a lack of documentation and information on their actual condition. In addition, most of them were timeshare properties, hence the challenge of having control of these grew exponentially.

We spoke with Antonio Lloret Manchón, working at the Real Estate Asset Control Department of Bankia:

Through an in-depth analysis of the market and its strategy, Valliance, has advised us on the management of part of our main assets, such as those located in the Levante and Baleares area.

Their good work, proactivity and creativity made it feasible that, through a single interlocutor, we could be informed of management of our assets on a daily basis. Thanks to their extensive experience, they knew how to overcome the different obstacles that usually arise at the time of managing singular assets, demonstrating great tenacity.

Their ability to anticipate situations has been key to the success of management”.